Mission & Values

Mission statement:

We conform to our core values while delivering unparallel service to our customers, business partners and stakeholders. By focusing on our values, we will realize our vision of Amado Trucking, Inc. being our client’s greatest business advantage. 

Our core values:

We Care: Amado Trucking, Inc. and our related companies are in business to support our customers in the U.S., Mexico, and beyond by providing efficient transportation and logistics solutions, while meeting or exceeding customer service expectations consistently on every service we provide. From our CEO, our conscientious freight handlers, our safe and friendly truck drivers, or our skilled operations personnel, we are quality driven at every level and in every department.

Respect For Our Customers And Fellow Employees:  We deal with our customers, business associates, and fellow employees in a manner that demonstrates respect for those in the industry and in our own workplace.
Customer Service: Our entire organization is driven by customer service as one of our core values. Furthermore our operations service personnel have been consistently recognized by our customers for performing far and beyond their expectations.
Ethical Business Standards:  We do our utmost to be perfectly clear with our customers to assure they understand the exact services they should expect and exactly what these services will cost them. We don’t mislead our customers, our associates, or fellow workers. If for any reason we fail a customer, a team member, or an associate; we address the failure head on and get it corrected or resolved in an honest and effective manner.
Team Work And Team Coaching:  Our business is providing seamless transportation and logistic products that may span several states, countries or continents, as well as several business cultures. Effective team work is not an option; it’s an absolute necessity. We not only promote a winning team concept, we coach it at every level, everyday. Developing a team that brings value to the customer and to their associates in the work place is a rewarding experience that also strongly influences our success in business.
We Promote A Safe Workplace: The nature of our industry requires that we promote safety as our number one priority in the workplace. Our over the road equipment is subjected to a multiple point safety inspection prior to each dispatch.  Our truck drivers are required to pull off and inspect their equipment and cargo in intervals of no more than 2 hours. Our warehouse, dock and shop areas are also inspected daily to insure that all of our employees are working in a safe and secure environment.
Ever Changing: We accept that failing to change is to remain static. So we embrace change with a driving force that keeps us at the top of the industry leader board.
Integrity And Principles:  Integrity and honesty are the primary principles that we practice daily in our professional and personal lives. These are the qualities that our founder believed in over 40 years ago and they are the same values that have strongly contributed to our intrinsic worth and continued success in the international business arena.